Harvesting our 2014 Vintage of Verjus

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We are gearing up for our third vintage of verjus production. The grapes are full of acidity, still green, and hard, making it a perfect time to pick. The main thing that I am looking for in the vineyard, when determining when to pick the grapes, is beautiful acidity. The benefit of using verjus in place of vinegar is the fact that it is wine-friendly and less astringent than vinegar. To be able to match vinegar’s impact in cooking, our verjus has to have powerful, yet fresh acidity.

Harvesting from wine grapes is essential to attain the pH levels we are looking for in, our verjus. Table grapes and other fruits simply do not have the level of acidity that wine grapes do. The varietals that we are planning to use for this year’s verjus- include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. Although the verjus does not show varietal character, we believe the blend of these varietals helps to give us more complexity and depth of flavor. Our grapes are all handpicked in the early morning to maintain cool temperatures and the integrity of the cluster. They will be gently pressed with no additions made to bring you the freshest sour grape juice “verjus” that we can. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. –Bon Appetit!